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About Us


Our otaku startup seeks to create a platform for warrior otaku to call home and explore the depths of the otaku lifestyle. From delivering S-tier content to popular video game databases, we hope to deliver the ultimate otaku experience with this innovative startup, created by Mokona, the hikikomori.


We provide more than just news and databases – but a refuge from the everyday hustle and bustle of IRL. Exploring the beauty of anime and video games with those who share a genuine passion for these art-forms is at the heart of everything we and our community do under the SENPAI LIFE banner!




Community Supported

Our community is everything to us. They are what make this dream a reality and the individuals who keep those pesky corporate suits at bay. We are proud to be an independent platform and are resolute to never stray from the spirit of our humble beginnings. While we find our footing as a small team in a sea of giants, you can help us by sharing our content and becoming a member of the SENPAI LIFE community. By doing so, you become apart of our story and help keep the cup ramen cooking and the waifu body pillows fluffy! Mokona and Team Senpai are eternally grateful! Arigatou!!! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

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Are you tired of feeling like the only anime-loving, video game-playing, manga-reading weirdo in your social circle? Well, the SENPAI LIFE Discord server has got you covered! When you join,  you’ll be able to message, chat, and friend other members of our community day or night.  (づ ◕‿◕ )づ